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While the Insane Clown Posse are more associated with hatchets, Violent J had a solo track on The Amazing Jeckel Brothers titled "I Stab People". He followed up with a song called "Still Stabbin' " on the later album Bizaar. Fun With Knives by Velvet Acid Christ Based on what Slim does to Big Jim in Jim Croce 's "You Don't Mess Around With Jim", I think he qualifies.

To clarify "And when the cuttin' was done the only part that wasn't bloody was the soles of the big man's feet. Yeah he was cut in about a hundred places Well, the two men took to fighting And when they pulled them from the floor Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle With a couple of pieces gone Musicals Billy Bigelow in Carousel uses a knife in the robbery-gone-wrong that results in his suicide. After she is rescued from the Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods is rarely if ever seen without her knife.

It's implied that she becomes rather obsessed with hunting down wolves for her fur cloak, with which she replaces her red cloak taken by the Baker. Mack the Knife in The Threepenny Opera Newspaper Comics Saxon Kenchu in Candorville collects knives, and at one point gave a speech about how they were the first weapons ever developed and they allowed humanity to triumph over a world full of hostile predators. He initially seems Ax-Crazybut this is partially subverted—having to survive as a Dhampyr has left him Properly Paranoid and somewhat hardened, but he's a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire and is trying to keep the main character alive.

Willie Garvin in Modesty Blaisewho is a horrible shot with a handgun but a dead aim with thrown knives. Pinball Some of the animations in Stern Pinball 's Batman shows the Joker flashing his knives. Podcasts Fourvel from Comedy Bang Bang is an orphan who stabs people to death over perceived insultsand often carries an array of knives with him.

Professional Wrestling At a Apache Army show, Gosaku concealed a knife and used it to cut Mammoth Sasaki and Yoshihito Sasaki during a match. Subverted with Dementia D'Rose, who carries a shiny knife in her teeth because it looks pretty but doesn't want it to scare anyone. She is a wrestler, more than capable of making people bleed without a weapon. Tabletop Games Warhammer 40, Wickedly sharp and barbed knives are the most common close combat weapons used by the Dark Eldar with Lelith Hesperax, the leader of the Wych Cult of Strife, being the most proficient with a blade.

Lelith takes great pride in her skill and is capable of killing any foe she faces with nothing but a pair of simple knives. Catachan Jungle Fighters forge their own knives which can reach up to twenty inches long for Catachan Fangs and four feet long for Devil's Claws. In Inquisitorcharacters with the Blademaster talent, such as the twin Death Cult Assassins Severina and Sevora, are masters of knife fighting, able to cause more damage with a knife than other characters can cause with a sword. Mordheim has the special mercenary character Johann the Knife, the most famous assassin in the Empire whose skill with knives is legendary.

In game he counts his knives as swords when fighting in close combat and has a special rule called Knife Fighter Extraordinaire that allows him to bypass the usual limit of three knives thrown during his turn. Their mind is a weapon, and that weapon is a knife. The Whisperknife is a halfling only prestige class that specializes in light thrown weapons, usually daggers. One Paragon Path, Daggermaster, even allows the rogue to specialize in using them to deadly effect.

Knives are part of standard Al Amarjan dress in Over the Edge. They're mostly used to open up chip packets and the like. Theatre The Mrs Hawking play series: Hawking's preferred weapons are knives of all kinds, from a thin sharp letter blade to throwing knives to a plain sturdy Bowie.

Toys Dark Hunter Lariska in BIONICLE uses poison tipped throwing knives. Video Games Stiletto Anyway in Anachronox uses plenty of throwing knives. Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 2 has a signature knife and is obviously quite nuts. He apparently has kind of a knife fetish. Gene from Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops was pretty good with a knife as well. The Hunter-class from Destiny is filled with knife-nuts, especially their Blade Dancer subclass; however, only their Gunslinger subclass can throw knives. Some Titan armors have knives strapped on them, but only for aesthetics as their primary means of dealing melee damage comes from the lampshaded punching of their enemies with their Power Fist.

Dolph in Suikoden V could carve out your liver and hand it to you, despite having one of the goofiest fighting stances ever. Kiros in Final Fantasy VIIIdouble armed knives. His standing battle pose even makes him look like an Ax-Crazy assassin at the first grace. Knife kills in Counter-Strike are a particularly badass Cherry Tapping.

Not the case of a backstab, however which is a one hit kill. Ryuji Yamazaki from Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters always carries a knife around wherever he goes. Just try not to get too close to him. There's a reason Edge from Rival Schools chose his nickname.

He loves to play with knives and uses them frequently in his arsenal of dirty tricks. Although Lucas Kane in Fahrenheit never uses a knife outside the opening sequence, he is depicted holding a bloody blade on every box art to underline the psychosis surrounding him throughout the game.

In American McGee's Alicea knife called the "Vorpal Blade" is Alice's primary weapon. It gets deadlier in Alice: Daggers are the Weapon of Choice of the Miis from the Thief class in Miitopia. Granted, they do not all look like daggers there are some that are shaped like fishes or Moai statuesbut the difference is purely aesthetical. Broken Hour introduces Meredith Huxley, a psychopathic woman who murders people with an ornate dagger. In Rise of the Kasaiwhile Tati does have access to other weapons including a huge axe, a deadly spear, and a supply of exploding toxic mushrooms, her favorite weapon is a pair of twin knifes that she especially uses to maul Kasai warriors.

Kevin Smith in Killer7 uses throwing knives as his primary weapon and a larger knife for close quarters combat. Sakuya Izayoi from the Touhou series fights by throwing a seemingly infinite number of knives that she actually recovers between volleys by stopping time. It's speculated that she can do more than just stop time, and that her many knives are actually the same knife.

She has an Expy in RosenkreuzStilette by the name of Sichte Meister, as well. Resident Evil 4 Leon is a knife fighting expert who uses his knife for everything from breaking locks to taking down giant mutants, but his Ax-Crazy Worthy Opponent Krauser cements his status as the game's Knife Nut by having a design on it, and a little notch so he can twirl it. Leon then gets Krauser's knife when you beat him in the knife fight sequence. Ironically, Krauser's weakness in his boss battle is Leon's knife.

While calling her a nut would be an insult, Sheva stabs Wesker seventeen times with a knife. Jill is portrayed as stabbing with her knife when other characters swipe. Larxene, the Psycho Electro Dark Action Girl of Kingdom Hearts. Though the way she holds them make the knives look like Wolverine Clawsreminiscent of Volgin.

One of the funnest parts of Assassin's Creed is to kill as many people as possible with your hidden blade. This is particularly fun with the beggars, who constantly harass you for coins, or the lepers, who are apparently well enough to push you two metres back whenever you get remotely near them. Altair himself carries a sword, a long knife for close combat, a whole bunch of throwing knives and, of course, the traditional Hidden Blade. He is also the only assassin in the series to only use blades and no other long range weapons like a crossbow or a gun until he builds one a good seventy years later.

Ezio Auditore packs a couple of them in the sequel, with extra features included. Along with a collection of knives also swords and hammers in his home, a couple of which border on BFS BFK? The same assortment of knives are favored by NPC courteseans, friendly thieves, and Fragile Speedster enemies. Canaan in Xenosaga Episode III Hawkeye of Seiken Densetsu 3 demonstrates Dual Wielding with knives. One of his techs, the "Flying Swallow Toss," involves tossing a barrage of knives at every target on the screen. One wonders where he keeps it all Contrasting his sword-wielding predecessorsPersona 5 's "Joker" prefers knives, as befitting a Phantom Thief.

You can make a custom Knife Nut character in Jagged Alliance 2. Stealth and night ops specialties plus throwing knifes equals one-hit death for everyone on the opposing team. One recruitable mercenary, Bill "Razor" Lamont, is also crazy about knives, and talks about cutting throats or how knives "never run out of ammo" with disturbing regularity.

In the early games, these are just swords animated as knives particularly cool for the assassins. As of Fire Emblem: Path of Radianceknives became their own weapon type, which thieving characters used exclusively and Sages could also use though they'd have to forgo staves to do soalthough this latter feature was no longer in effect in Fire Emblem: Knives return in Fire Emblem Fates as the weapon of choice of Ninjas, their promotions Master Ninja and MechanistDread Fighters, and oddly enough, Maids and Butlers.

Peketo from The Black Heart ; all his specials and some of his normal attacks involves the use of knives. The Spy in Team Fortress 2 wields any variety of butterfly knives that, in addition to any number of other abilities can be used for a one-shot kill backstab, and the Sniper is an Awesome Aussie with an even bigger knife though in-game it's usually used in extreme emergencies only. Players are encouraged to use the knife in Battlefieldas it is always a one-shot kill. Although lag will sometimes require you to make a second swipe, despite the "stab" noise.

The Rogue class in World of Warcraft is a good example of this trope, as some of their strongest moves require daggers while others are adjusted when wielding a dagger to compensate for the weapon's low damage per hit. The dagger's fast speed makes it good for triggering certain effects like poisons as well.

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Combat rogues who take the Close Quarters Combat dagger and fist weapon spec talent get a bonus while using daggers and fist weapons that they won't if they use other weapon types. Subverted and played straight with Mitadake High. The knife is the weakest weapon in the game except for the dead taser and the empty can of paint, but that doesn't stop people from enjoying them. This may have something to do with the fact that, besides the Hammer and the weaker Nanatsu Yoru, the Knife is one of the only weapons that can kill without draining all of your energy.

That I wouldn't take measures — extreme measures — to defend myself? I've got some math for you: The Spy in Team Fortress 2 wields any variety of butterfly knives that, in addition to any number of other abilities can be used for a one-shot kill backstab, and the Sniper is an Awesome Aussie with an even bigger knife though in-game it's usually guillotije in extreme emergencies only. Fallen London has Jack-of-Smiles, an Expy of Jack The Ripper. They cut you a percentage for smuggling across the border. Comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Sherudo Garo, the Stage 2 boss and Big Bad of Time Crisis. Given how annoying knives are in the Time Crisis series, this also has the effect of making him into That One Boss. Sarah Kerrigan in StarCraftbefore and after her transformation.

Buy a paper guillotine knives wild gunman

Before her transformation she likes killing with knives no in-game ability, but in the novel Liberty's Crusade she takes out a room of guards on Antiga Primeand after her transformation, she not only has knives on the end of each fingertip, but has wing-like appendages growing out of her back which end in It's no wonder she got the moniker of Queen of Blades. Starcraft II presents Gabriel Tosh, who flips around an oversized butterfly knife.

And also uses it on Voodoo dolls. Kyrie of Sands of Destruction uses knives for his basic attack. All his attack spells involve either knives or throwing several knives. His Limit Break can throw up to sixteen knives that, due to lazy programming, hit every enemy. A popular class combination inside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is an honourable mention - using the 'Tactical Knife' pistol attachment holding a knife and a pistol aqa past gcse b papers history at the same time to strike fasterthe 'Marathon' perk to sprint foreverthe 'Lightweight' perk To move faster and the 'Commando' perk to be able to strike with the knife from farther away ; you get a class that even Penny Arcade notes its effectiveness check the 'News' section for more on their opinion.

Do not forget the final fight of the single player campaign! You fight the Big Bad with nothing but your knife, but you seem to drop it when he stabs you into the chest with his own. After passing out for a minute or two, you pull that very same knife out of your own chest and throw it through his eye!

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The Green Beret character from the Commandos series is something of a knife nut, even quipping that they should help an isolated group of Allied soldiers by more info a hand. Hazama in BlazBlue uses twin butterfly knives in combat, and has several more hidden within his pockets. Konstantin Brayko in Alpha Protocol is a both a nutter and a knife fanatic. A Knife Nutjobif you will.

Michael himself uses a knife for stealth kills. Ange Serena of Tales of Innocence. For a character whom most would dismiss as a White Magician Girlshe sure has some impressive melee combos with that knife of hers. Shank uses two knives as his main melee weapons, if you couldn't tell by his name. In Mitsumete Knightone of your eventual enemies, the Circus' Knife Thrower Pierrot, uses them in battle. The Eight General Corkilneipha the Swift Thunder is another enemy Knife Nut, but of a different variety: Seether from Wing Commander IV uses a double-bladed knife, first threatening Blair with it, then slitting Captain Paulson's throat.

In the original Goldeneye for the N64, one level opens up with James Bond in a jail cell within a Russian satellite facility. Naturally he has no guns, but he can use the electromagnet in his watch to get some throwing knives from a drain? Said knives can be used to great effect, and re-used if retrieved. There's also a "hunting knife" available as a melee weapon via a cheat code.

Buy a paper guillotine knives wild gunman

Aht in Radiant Historia dual wields daggers as her weapon of choice. Most of her non-trap special abilities involve her throwing them, as well. Rem from the game Final Fantasy Type-0 dual wields daggers. The main character from Rush'n Attack squares off against an army of soldiers, all clearly holding rifles although few of them actually use thembut other than the occasional bazooka, fights solely with his knife. The HD remake most of the enemies also fight with knives or punch knives. Warrant Officer Emile-A from Halo: Reach is never seen without his signature kukri, and is introduced while sharpening it on his armour.

Ironically, he only uses it once. The expanded universe establishes that Fred is the best knife-user among the Spartan-IIs. Kai Leng in the Mass Effect series. He appears in the games for the first time in Mass Effect 3 where he's gunning for Shepard. He first appeared in the book Mass Effect: Retributionwhere he killed a krogan with a knife and later killed SIX turians by himself with just a knife. In Deception, he also kills the most powerful biotic in the galaxy basically an individual with a bunch of very powerful psychokinetic powers, and the ability to summon miniature black holes and energy balls at will with From the Mortal Kombat series: Kano and Frost both dual wield knives.

Also, Mileena uses paired sais. Although again, they would be called daggers or stilettos by true martial artists.

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The Assassin class from Guild Wars. Even though the dagger is the lowest-damage weapon in the game, Assassins use them to great effect, often drawing out huge amounts of bonus damage from their skills. They also have a few skills that allow them to throw knives for different effects. Archduke Maximilian Von Reginrave, Big Bad of the first Valkyria Chronicleshas a collection of thousands of knives, and often carries several hidden on his person. He can use them very well. This is yet another manifestation of his raging paranoia, the result of him growing up as the hated bastard child of the Imperial royal family who's brothers constantly tried to get rid of.

Madotsuki from Yume Nikki is frequently depicted as one because of a widespread Player Tic which involves killing everyone, with the knife being the only weapon available. Imperial Operatives specialize in knife attacks, and all Imperial Agents get an equipment slot for them. They are always used more like daggers, though gigantic daggers. Several mooks in Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequel.

Zsasz definitely counts in both games as well. Dragon Age II has many characters who wield knives, but three named characters shine above the others. The first is Hawkewho can be turned into one if played as a rogue and specced in Dual Wielding. The second is Isabela, whose specialty is fighting battles of attrition against multiple enemies. But the most notable example of this trope in the game is DLC-only Tallis, who not only has two daggers that cannot be un-equipped for use in hand-to-hand combat, but also has a seemingly infinite supply of throwing knives, making her the only party member in the game who uses thrown weapons outside of cutscenes.

Fallen London has Jack-of-Smiles, an Expy of Jack The Ripper. Actually, Jack-of-Smiles is his knives, which explains his plentiful bodies to use. The knives are alive, have a mind of their own, and will take over yours if you hold one for too long. Guild Wars 2 features two classes that can dual-wield knives: However, only thieves make actual use of the knives themselves.

Aside from a super-fast attack rate, Dagger Thieves can throw daggers to damage and cripple a target, leap at an enemy with a quick strike, stack copious amounts of bleeding on enemy groups, and even turn invisible — which sets up a devastating Backstab move for at least double damage. Heck, even their normal auto-attacks will poison enemies continuously. A favorite trick among players is to use the pistol skill Black Powder Shot and leap through the cloud with the dagger skill Heartseeker. This renders the player instantly invisible and sets up a backstab.

Suffice it to say, knives are at the heart of any good thief's offense. As of a class revamp in OctoberDisco Bandits in Kingdom of Loathing have a number of skills involving stabbing their foes with knives, as artfully represented in the skill description of Disco Shank: In Double Dragon Neonit can stab through multiple enemies at once. In the Marathon scenario Courier 11, the Hunting Knife replaces the bare knuckles as the player's melee weapon.

One level has hostile BOB's with Deflector Shields who only be killed with the knife. In Hotline Miamichoosing Dennis the Wolf as your mask lets you start off with a knife. Also, the Biker's primary weapons are a butcher's cleaver and three throwing knives. In Garry's Mod Murder, the murderer is given a knife, with the ability to both sprint and throw it at their opponents as well as stab them with it. An option for traitors in Trouble In Terrorist Town is to buy a knife, which can cause a One-Hit Kill if used to stab an innocent or a detective in the back.

To prevent it being too broken, the knife can only be used to kill one person. In Divine Interventionthe little girl comes with a pair of knives and will stab you to death if she can. In the encounter with the Mad Dummy, after you hit it with its 'dummy bot' attacks a certain number of times, it fires them, angrily declares "I DON'T NEED FRIENDS!!!

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Too bad it only has one knife, which it wastes with its first attack. Take the genocide path, and your character will start to show a fondness for knives. And the last weapon you get, instead of being a stick or ballet shoes, is the Real Knife.

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The Elf of Dragon's Crown has this as a potential build, being able to equip a dagger at anytime with the Holdout Dagger skill. While fighting with a dagger limits her range and attack options, she could deal a lot of damage with it using the Back Stab skill, and she could add poison and fire properties to her dagger with the Toxic Extract and Salamander Oil skills. In Bloody Wolfyou're forced to use your knife in several sections, which is typically justified in the limited narrative the boss destroyed your gun, you're just trying to incapacitate a brainwashed friend, etc.

But at one point, a boss named Knife Guy appears and you put aside your gun seemingly out of shared enthusiasm. When you re-encounter Knife Guy as a midboss in the final stage, your character hilariously shoots him in the face, killing him instantly. In the card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraftthe Rogue class from World of Warcraft See above is represented by Valeera Sanguinar, who dual wields fel-powered daggers and she can infinitely summon them with each turns with 2 mana for her heroic power. She can also equip various dagger-like weapons if it's in her deck and many of her spells are based on how one uses a knife, as many of them depict someone putting a knife on someone else Eviscerate and Shiv are such examples and there's also 'Fan of Knives', where she throws a lot of knives to any enemy minions on board.

Valeera herself, while not appearing much in the main game, has always been fighting using knives during her comic debut. Riki the Stealth Assassin from Dota 2 uses a dagger for his weapon and prefers striking from the back for extra hurt. And he can easily do it by sneaking behind your back without being seen, or he jumps straight at your back.

Katarina from League of Legends is known for dual-wielding daggers that really hurts when thrown or slashed, especially when they're accurate and HURTS. She's capable of wiping the whole enemy team with some few accurate dagger throws. Or just plain teleport behind them and strike. Instead of the standard hero swordthe protagonist will only use knives in his Anti-HeroPhantom Thief alter ego, despite dozens of other melee weapons in a variety of types being available in game. Ayano repeatedly tries to MurderTheHypotenuses with knives and cleavers, although, she does use other methods like Tampering with Food and Drink.

Ayano describing her new knife: Some broad has been stalking me with a knife! She's so disturbed and adorable - I love her! I think that Pamu might not be human She laughs when she's stabbed My handlers told me that I received some poisoned chocolates. I think someone tried to hack my servers today.

And by "hack" I mean with a meat cleaver. Are Cat-Catchers allowed to use steak knives for their jobs? Because the one that's chasing me sure is. I heard people with narcolepsy sometimes slip and fall and stab themselves with knives 20 or 30 times. Becoming a Knife Nut is actually the Boring, but Practical choice for Yandere-chan in Yandere Simulator: Besides, there's just more knives to use than any other possible weapon-the kitchen knife in the Cooking Club and if she joins the Cooking Club she gets the added bonus of not being seen as suspicious if she carries it openlythe ritual knife in the Occult Club which can become a flaming knifeand the box cutter in the Art Club.

Should be noted, update videos demonstrating game mechanics usually have her wielding a knife.

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Visual Novels The [9]th Man of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors threatens Clover with a knife at the start of the Game. Ace later takes a knife either his or finds his own and kills Clover in the "Safe" ending, and the rest of the cast in the "Knife" and "Submarine" endings.

It becomes very useful when he needs to do knife tricks so the team can pretend to be performers after escaping prison. Souji in Suika always carries a silver knife in his pocket, but isn't actually a murderer or anything. But he does consider using it at several points and appears to have a fairly violent side that he suppresses.

It's finally justifiably used near the end, but he doesn't kill anyone. When sweet little Kotonoha Katsura from School Days snaps after all the Break the Cutie and her own emotional instabilityshe grabs a cleaver and shows how well she can use it. Seeing the kid slash Sekai's throat open with it in one of the bad endings is In The Anime of the Gameit's even worse.

What do you say? But first, I need you to answer one question for me: One of the first steps. Kyrie of Sands of Destruction uses knives for his basic attack. Virtually impossible to confuse Cheetos with Fritos it seems to me.

Sekai fatally snaps on Makoto via stabbing him repeatedly in the chest with a kitchen knife, then Kotonoha stabs and cuts Sekai's stomach open few afterwards with another HUGE knife And then she carries the head with her. Web Animation Colonel from Battlefield Friends. So much that he doesn't use any other weapon, not counting the C4.

In later episodes he attaches bipod to it.


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