Need to type a paper kites


Ribbon Twine Two bamboo dowels one the size of your paper diagonally, and one with an extra inch 2 Fold your paper in half diagonally.

Crease the paper well and open it up again. Place the shorter one of your dowels in this crease and tape it.

Need to type a paper kites

You want it to be flush with the corners of your paper. Although you taped the entire smaller dowel, need to type a paper kites tape the end of this one.

  • Some kite designs these days are meant for absolute minimum everything.
  • Not all kites need tails.
  • Long, wooden, BBQ grill skewers should do the job.

Now that one side is taped down, arc your longer dowel and tape the other side to the opposite corner. Use two small pieces of tape to keep this arc in place.

All cuts are along ;aper lines. Make sure to use a good knot! If you feel your efforts really paid off when the the kite finally got airborne - please type a few paragraphs in here telling us all about it! Sometimes they are curved or bowed. Upload A Picture Or 2 if you want to [? A kite consists of these basic parts: Thread a string through each hole and around each pipe cleaner or stick. Because of this, make sure your keel isn't coming to come off or adjust!

If you have excess tape on your edges, cut it away to prevent your kite from flying without control. Glue your ribbon to your kite.

You want it to follow the same line as your shorter dowel. It will make a colorful tail to help your kite stay in flight.

Tie your twine onto the sides of the arched dowel. Wrap your twine around a toilet paper roll if it makes it easier for you to reel in and out.


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