How much does a white paper cost


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For certain types of business, white papers can be great marketing tools. They offer you the chance to present yourself as an expert. However, if you want a freelancer to create your white paper on your behalf, you need to be prepared to pay a little bit more.

How much does a white paper cost

A white paper is more than just another article. What is a White Paper?

  • And, even fewer people know how to manage them effectively.
  • So, what do you need to know before you start looking for your writer?
  • How much is this white paper going to cost me?

A white paper is meant to be an click the following article of a specific issue or problem. It can also provide analytical information on trends and provide predictions.

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White papers can be used to help support a position, click here others to make a decision, or to break down an issue in a way that makes you seem like an expert. Why Do White Papers Cost So Much More?

  • Expect to pay more for greater complexity of subject matter.
  • Here's to your future white paper success, Steve Slaunwhite Award-Winning B2B Copywriter and Freelancer's Coach P.
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Here are some of the things to consider about white papers: A white paper can be anywhere between three and 14 pages long, although some are even longer. Remember that a single-spaced page in Word holds about words.

Price variation. Slippage v. price improvement varies by LP. Why? White Paper Minute 2

For A White Paper?! A white paper is more than just another article. Discovery and Planning In Module 2, Wgite walk you through the discovery and planning phases of a white paper project. One tip that has worked well for me is to let them know on the last attempt that this is your last attempt. Also, if you are handling multiple projects and have no time to monitor the hours you spend for each of them, you can use the contract price for each client.

They often require research: Not only are white papers longer, but the freelance writer often has to do research as well. Many freelancers build the cost of research into their quotes for white papers.

Does it make sense to pursue this prospect and this opportunity right now, based on where I am today? The amount of effort you have to pour into the project is a critical factor here. Do you enjoy researching a topic? How to Write White Papers that Command Top Fees. Again, your deciding factors your location, expenses, experience, and the industry standards are critical. Digging for the facts? The hassles of airports, flight delays, hotels, bad food.

Writers that produce white papers usually develop particular skills, especially in terms of technical writing. These specialized skills, along with the amount of experience a freelancer has, can result in a higher cost for your white paper.

Call 5 business days after that, if no response final attempt. Anatomy of a Great White Paper Finally, we've included an appendix in this program where I walk you through a video presentation detailing the anatomy of two different white papers. Other services you may want to invest in include: My fee includes all background reading and research, any interviews with subject matter experts, content and copy strategy development, title development, creating a detailed outline for your approval, the actual writing of the paper, any meetings or calls related to the project, and up to two rounds of requested revisions. We have found that for most purposes, one to two pages is a good length.

If you want your white paper formatted a certain way, you need to be prepared to compensate your freelancer a little extra. This is also true if the freelancer will need to place a number of images, tables, and figures into the white paper. A white paper is so much more than a glorified blog post, and you need to be prepared for that.

How much does a white paper cost

You will want to make sure you know what you are getting before you get started. Check your budget, and consider the goals of your white paper. If it makes sense to have one produced for your business, make sure your marketing budget can handle the cost.


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