Essay on my class teacher in english

Essay on my class teacher in english

Essay on your Class Teacher Article shared by Radhakanta Swain Introduction I am a student of Class IX in the S. There are seven teachers in our school.

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One of them is our class teacher. He sesay the first period in our class.

He takes the first period in our class. So, you can select any essay on my favourite teacher according to your need and requirement: The absentees are marked absent. So, she performs her all the responsibilities very well.

He is a teachfr graduate. He knows English and History quite well.

He is very regular in his work. His voice is clear.

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He writes a good hand. Figure and dress Mr. Mallick has a tall figure. He is about five feet tall. He has fair colour. He is about fifty-five now.

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He presides over our meetings for the debate. He is liked by everyone of our class. He is a trained graduate. May be; she will not be our teacher in next class however; her teachings will always be with us and show us way to difficult situations. Teachers set our goals of education through their collective roles of unique teaching and learning process. Each student does very well in the science subject both in the class tests esday exams.

He wears a suit of pant and coat. Sometimes he wears Dhoti and Punjabi. He puts on shoes and stockings.

He does not use neck tie. His duty as a class teacher Mr. Mallick comes to my class everyday in the first period.

He makes the roll-call. He marked us present. The absentees are marked absent. The late-comers are marked late. On the fee-collection day he go here the school fees, instead, he gives us receipts. He looks to the general well-being of the class.

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He knows each of us by name,-As a class teacher, he does his duties regularly. Besides, he take a subject in our class.

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He teaches us English. Essay on my class teacher in english every Saturday we have a debating class.

Shah is very sincere and hard working teacher. Our Science teacher is my favorite teacher He is very kind to all the students He teaches the lessons every day and keeps tests regularly No one in our class has failed in Science because of his teaching Because of my Science Teacher, Science has become my favorite subject too. We have always tried to speak English in the right way because of the practice she gave to us. She makes us laugh by telling lots of jokes in between when she teaches.

He presides over our meetings for the debate. Conclusion As enhlish class-teacher, Mr. Mallick is quite good. He is never rude to us. He never gets angry. He never loses his temper. He is liked by everyone of our class.



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