Essay on importance of value of education


Definitions[ edit ] There has been very little reliable research on the results of values education classes, but there are some encouraging preliminary results. Another definition of value education is "learning about self and wisdom of life" in a self exploratory, systematic and scientific way through formal education.

Essay on importance of value of education

Commonality in many "educations"[ edit ] Moral education Morals as socio-legal-religious norms are supposed to help people behave responsibly. However, not all morals lead to responsible behavior.

Therefore, such morals and spiritual nature obtained from a value based education system aids individuals in their social life because they are able to interact with one another well ranging from essy work place to their families and the external environment surrounded by friends. Concisely, value based education plays a big role in shaping individuals behavior so that they can display good morals, interact with others well and act spiritual in all aspects of life. Education can be considered as a process of discovering new things that a person was not previously aware of and increasing knowledge. Activities Relating to the Protection of Environment and Conservation of Resources: Governments budget huge sums of money to be used in the education sector in doing research and employing teachers. The knowledge gained from the education process empowers a person to act with authority without the need to continuously consult other people. It facilitates ob transmission of the norms of a group so that persons can conduct themselves in approved ways. Our parasympathetic nervous system and endocrinal system are known to be the drivers of our emotions and our behavior.

Essay education can show which morals are "bad" morals and which are "good". The change in behavior comes from confusing questions about right and wrong. Its fully resourced lesson plans utilise familiar teaching techniques of discussion, story-telling, quotations, group singing, activities to reinforce learning and times of quiet reflection. The programmes enable children and young people to explore and put into practice a wide spectrum of values with the potential to enrich their lives.

Through the experiential learning, over time participants develop a well considered personal morality, all the while gaining invaluable emotional and social skills to help them lead happy, fulfilled, successful lives. Character education Character education is an umbrella term generally used to describe the teaching of children in a manner that will help them develop as personal and social beings.

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However, this definition requires research to explain what is meant by "personal and social being". Lickona mentions eleven principles of successful character education.

While both mental and physical development is needed for a student's growth, Jeevan Vigyan adds a third pillar — that of emotional intelligence and morality or values — to education in schools and colleges. A combination of theory and practice, Jeevan Vigyan draws on the findings of various life-sciences as well as nutritional sciences. Our parasympathetic nervous system and endocrinal system are known to be the drivers of our emotions and our behavior. These biological centers can be influenced Science of Living through learn more here system of yogic exercises, breathing exercises, medication and contemplation.

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Science of Living's source of inspiration is Jain Acharya Ganadhipati Shri Tulsi — His thoughts were further developed and expanded by Acharya Shri Mahapragya - Currently Muni Shri Kishan Lal Ji, under the leadership of Acharya Shri Mahashraman, is the Principal of SOL. Australia [ edit ] The Australian Government currently funds Values education in its schools, with its own publications and funding of school forums on values education at all levels of education.

Essay on importance of value of education

It also helps in becoming a better person. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has taken strong step to introduce values among schools and teachers training centers. Also India is known as the land of introducing values.

It may be essay on importance of value of education the form of boosting human capital, social capital or earnings, but this value must have an optimistic financial yield in order to be worth investing in. This could be communicated to them while teaching Islamiyat, Ethics, Pakistan Studies, Science, English or any other subject of their interest. More importantly, the students can probe into and find the eternal solace in Nature. The education is not only made for the purpose of passing exams but also, for developing intelligent people who are able to deal with real life situations at any given educationn. Activities Relating to Observance of Family Norms: It is evidently shown in statistics that people that complete higher levels of education tend to earn higher salaries than people that have only completed secondary school.

In India From the leadership of B. Shaji Kumar, New Golden Education Trust NGET Values Based Education has progressing throughout the country among schools from first standard to twelve std class.



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