Materials used to make paper jhumkas

When you get to the end, snip it off and glue it down. Size and colour can be customized according to the specification. The images shown will help you to better understand! So now you have the 2 discs, two circle open rings and 2 open teardrops. So here I snip and then glue! Squeeze the teardrop so that it is narrow enough and place it inside of the open ring. Any excess wire is cut off.

Slide a crystal bead on a head pin. Using materials used to make paper jhumkas nose pliers make a loop and cut off any excess wire using wire cutters. Now for the jhumka part, a tight paper coil is quilled using a slotted quilling needle.

A slotted quilling needle paaper it easier to retain grip of the paper strip and is preferable for making tight coils — at least for me! Remove the quilled coil from the needle and glue the end of the strip to secure the coil.

Slowly push the coil from one side to form a bell like structure. A protective coat of fabric glue was applied on the quilled piece and allowed to dry.

  • I use the tip of my tool to press the first part down.
  • Slide a crystal bead on a head pin.
  • Paper jewelry has a high demand on these days, and if you make a good variety of designs, you can easily sell it.

In an eye pin of suitable wire length, slide two metal spacer beads. Followed by papwr the quilled jhumka and another silver metal spacer bead. Using round nose pliers, a loop is made at the top.

Any excess wire is cut off. The steps to make a loop is shown here.

Link the crystal bead and the jhumka. Open and close loops using flat nose pliers.

Insert a fish hook ear wire at the top. The completed earring… Another view of the paper jhumkas…



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