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Email Advertisement Think about it — you probably waste a lot of paper. But have you ever thought about what you could do to make use of some of that old paper that you throw away or even recycle?

Use scrap paper to print coupons, directions, meeting wkth, shopping lists, and other necessities. Leave a comment below or share your photos and feedback on Scientific American's Facebook page. Every week we receive flyers promoting properties. Press the paper pulp into a mold and squeeze the water out. Blend until the mixture becomes a fairly smooth pulp. Office paper Print on both sides of the paper. Get inspired to make your own at Howstuffworks.

What is recycling really? Is it taking a bunch of stuff, putting it in a tub and sending it to some place?

  • Make a notepad by stapling used printer paper, blank side up, to a piece of cardboard.
  • Turn it into notepads.
  • If the paper is printed on one side only, can it be recycled by using the blank side for rough drafts, can you take some home for your children to draw on, make notes on, etc.

Or is it reusing and extending the the what to do with used paper of something as much as you can first before you dispose of it? Practical Paper Projects For Reusing Paper The great thing about paper is that it is so versatile.

Some of the paper projects below will be things that may not be original to you, personally, some you maybe have never heard of, and some you may have heard of, but never done. It saves paper, and if done enough times, money — it all adds up. And perhaps CDs are on their way out, but I think many of us still have the occasional case-less CD laying around.

The management of waste primarily involves collection, transferring to the treatment site, treatment and then, disposal. Use whole sheets with blank backs to run through the printer for draft copies or reports that only you will see. Clip or staple all of the half sized waht of paper together at the top to make a small notepad. Recycling is good, but it still takes energy and creates waste and emissions. Use caution when cleaning out the blender. Crumple up paper and use it to pack around fragile items. Use a gift bag.

All through what to do with used paper from elementary through high schoolI did this. Want to add some more creativity?

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Use a gift bag. When I thought of this one, I was pleasantly surprised to find videos of two ways to do this, let alone one.

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I could see this one being easily modified by mounting it somewhere, like on a refrigerator or locker door, with a magnet on either side of the paper. Plus, being the creative type you already are writer, artist, etc.

What to do with used paper

Just keep the pre-cut paper in a desk drawer and have a tape dispenser handy so that whenever you need to stick a note somewhere, you can have one ready in seconds! Simple bookmark Another great idea I think would be making a bookmark out of a couple thin pieces of paper. By taking two or three pieces of paper and gluing or taping them together, you can make it last a lot longer!

What to do with used paper

Instead, use it for packing material. Little origami boxes for little trinkets This was another one where I was stoked that there was a video for whenever I thought of this.

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You can just fold an 8. Creative Projects For Reusing Paper Now on the fun ways to reuse paper. Check out these amazing link from making a circuit to making a working crossbow… out of paper!


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