What to do with used printer paper


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Paper is one of the most recyclable materials out there, but it is also one of the most reusable. Here are some suggestions for reusing common types of office and household paper. Office paper Print on both sides of the paper.

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This saves money and means each piece of paper gets used twice. Make sure you do not reuse confidential documents, and keep in mind that this works better with a laser printer although even ink-jet users can save those barely used pieces of paper for reuse. Turn it into notepads. Every so often we end up with a bunch of leftover fliers.

  • Want to add some more creativity?
  • Alternatively, use wrapping paper as matting for photos, create a garland or bunting to hang on the wall, or frame interesting magazine covers.
  • All through school from elementary through high school , I did this.

I cut the paper into quarters and use the small squares for notepads. All you need is a binder clip visit web page the top to hold the pages together.

What to do with used printer paper

It is a really easy project; almost everything you need is probably already in your house. Magazines Fold them into envelopes. Most craft stores have templates that can help you transform magazine pages into envelopes. You will also need stick-on labels or some recycled paper and tape to make an address block. Think about how much your grandma will love getting a letter in a colorful, custom-made envelope.

Use them for notebook dividers. This works best with oversized magazines that have pages larger than your typical piece of notebook paper. Choose one with what to do with used printer paper photography, such as Martha Stewart Living. This is a great activity for kids, but even adults can have fun with it.

Make an awesome collage to go on the front of your new recycled journal! Nursing homes, homeless shelters, schools and plenty of other places in your community may love old magazines. Give them a ring and find out. My best friend cuts off the front page the part with the artwork and uses cards again. Put it in a recycled envelope made from a magazine page and score bonus points.

What to do with used printer paper

Make them into new cards. Every year, I go through old Christmas cards and look for ones that can be cut up and transformed into new cards.

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They are free, and the results can look quite nice. Give them to kids in need. Charities have the same idea and often make transforming old cards an activity for children. Consider donating your leftover cards to an organization like St.

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Jude Ranch for Children. Newspaper Put it in the compost bin. Only newsprint should go in the bin. Ads and anything else printed on shiny paper is bad for the composter. Use it for wrapping paper. My dad has always used the funny pages for wrapping gifts.

It saves paper, and if done enough times, money — it all adds up. Make them into new cards. By recycling one ton of paper we save 17 trees, 7, gallons of water and gallons of oil, according to the EPA. Again, it's a freebie. All you need is pantyhose, bendable wire a coat hanger, for example and a blender. All you need is some baking soda. Use a gift bag. To learn about how to start paper recycling programs at work, school or in your community, read:

In recent years he has started adding his own speech bubbles or other comments to the comic strips to personalize them. A couple miscellaneous hints Make grocery lists on envelopes.

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Use magazine subscription cards for bookmarks. I always have magazines sitting around, and it is so easy to grab one of those cards whenever I need a bookmark. What ideas do you have for reusing just click for source I would love to hear your suggestions. More ideas include reusing paper bags and reusing tissue paper.


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