What to make with used paper


Use caution; hanger edges can be sharp. This will be your papermaking frame. You can also use an old picture frame with a fine-mesh screen stapled to the edges. Use caution when operating the blender, and always keep the lid on when it is on. Stop adding the water when you have a soupy pulp with no big pieces of paper left.

Try not to add too much water; super-wet pulp will take a long time to dry out into paper. What does your paper pulp look like?

Here are some suggestions for reusing common types of office and household paper. Paper Dolls Stiff cardstock such as the back of greeting cards can be cut into simple paper dolls, and then colorful wrapping paper or leftover computer paper can be fashioned into an entire wardrobe. My best friend cuts off the front page the part with the artwork and uses cards again. Sangeetha Murali There is no doubt we are living in a country filled with garbage.

How are you going to use your paper? Read on for observations, results and more resources. Observations and results How much paper did you get? What did you have to add to get new paper?

What to make with used paper

Did it take any extra energy, such as electricity, to make? What does your paper look like? On average, people in the U.

What to make with used paper

Recycling saves more resources than throwing things what to make with used paper because they often end up in landfills. Recycling paper uses at least 40 percent less energy than making new paper.

It also produces less water pollution chemicals are needed to bleach paper to make it white than making new paper. But recycling still requires energy—and some pollution—even if it is less than making something from scratch. So, try to use less paper—and other products—to save even more resources than recycling.

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What can you use less of? For things that you can't recycle—and even some of those papsr you can—you can find ways pqper reuse them.

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Try decorating an old yogurt container to use as a pencil cup, for instance. What other things can you reuse at home or at school? Share your recycled paper observations and results!

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Leave a comment below or share ussed photos and feedback on Scientific What to make with used paper Facebook page. Cleanup Dilute the water from the bowl with more water and pour down the drain.

  • What does your paper look like?
  • They make perfect craft projects to do with kids.
  • All that perfectly good paper, hardly even used.

Use caution when cleaning out the blender. You can keep the hanger-and-pantyhose frame to make more recycled paper in the future—or find another use for it!


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