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Qualification finder Qualification finder Enter a qualification histor, name or code e. GCSE, English or H and select from the results that display below. The final assessment opportunity first time entries for these qualifications H, H was in summer A resit opportunity will be available in germanh Instead of separate History A and History B specifications we will be focussing our resources and support into providing you with our expanded History A specifications.

To find out more visit our new qualification page below. Candidates develop expertise in historical skills and acquire knowledge and understanding through the ability to study a wide range of topics in British, European and American History from the medieval period through to the late twentieth century.

Benefits The ethos and strengths have been maintained in the four unit two at AS Level, two at A2 format. Areas have been added, making it possible to construct more coherent courses. There is a new style of coursework making it more accessible easier to teach..

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Download mock papers used for a level mathematicsPure MathematicsFurther Mathematics January Unit 01 - Foundation Chemistry: Insert Unit 01 - Foundation Chemistry: Question paper Unit 01 - Foundation Chemistry: Mark scheme Unit 02 - Chemistry in Action: Insert Unit 02 - Chemistry in Action: Question paper Unit 02 - Chemistry in Action: Mark scheme Aqa isa past papers chemistry a level 04 - Kinetics, Equilibria and Organic Chemistry: Insert Unit 04 - Kinetics, Equilibria and Organic Chemistry: Question paper Unit 04 - Kinetics, Equilibria and Organic Chemistry: Mark scheme Unit 05 - Energetics, Redox and Inorganic Chemistry: Insert Unit 05 - Energetics, Redox and Inorganic Chemistry: Question paper Unit 05 - Energetics, Redox and Inorganic Chemistry: Mark scheme June Unit 01 - Foundation Chemistry: Mark scheme Unit 03X - EMPA: Question paper Unit 03X - EMPA: Mark scheme Unit 06X - EMPA: Question paper Unit 06X - EMPA: Mark scheme January Unit 01 - Foundation Chemistry: Mark scheme Unit 03T P11 - ISA: Mark scheme Unit 03T Q11 - ISA: Insert Unit 03X - EMPA: Mark scheme Unit 06T P11 - ISA: Mark scheme Unit 06T Q11 - ISA: Insert Unit 06X - EMPA: Mark scheme Unit 03T - ISA: Mark scheme Unit 06T P10 - ISA: Mark scheme Unit 06T Q10 - ISA: Mark scheme June .

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PDFLast Updated: The AS Level can be taken as a stand-alone course without progression to the A Level. However students wishing to obtain the GCE qualification must complete both levels. Each level, AS and A2, contains two required units of study: AS Units AS 1: Historical Investigations and Interpretations AS 2: Conflict and Change in Europe A Level Units A2 1: Change Over Time A2 2: Historical Investigations and Interpretations For each unit, teachers must choose one study option. Each option reflects a different historical topic and period. Historical Investigations and Historical Interpretations AS 2: Conflict and Change in Europe Option 1..

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Broadening develops skills and intellectual flexibility which benefit your education whilst at university, and will enable you to compete and contribute in the workplace and wider society after graduation. To enable you to take advantage of the breadth of expertise at Leeds, we have developed 10 interdisciplinary Discovery Themes. During your programme of study you will either explore the Themes as part of your programme ie through your core and optional modules or by taking discovery modules.

Watch the video, produced by LSTV - a student-run society - to find out more about broadening, the Discovery Themes and the opportunities they offer. How can I broaden my programme at Leeds. The opportunity "leeds university business school past papers" broaden your studies beyond your core discipline, as represented by the Discovery Themes, is integrated into many programmes of study within the available combinations of compulsory and optional modules. In other programmes of study you will use this website to explore the Discovery Themes to identify discovery modules to add to your compulsory and optional modules.

Discovery Modules Discovery modules reinforce the value and interest of your degree by offering the opportunity to broaden your learning and pursue your own personal interests, while developing skills that will help prepare you for life after University. Your Link can provide you with more information about the part that discovery modules play in your particular degree programme.

You can click on any of the 10 Discovery icons below to learn more about each Theme. You will also find more specific guidance about taking your interests forward from year to year, so that your discovery module choices fit together to form a coherent addition to your degree. Choosing discovery modules A discovery module taken in your first year may increase your interest in a particular subject. You can use the website to find opportunities to study the same subject in more depth by exploring modules at higher levels in the same sub-theme.

Alternatively, you can apply the knowledge and skills that you have gained to a different context. You could explore different sub-themes within your chosen Discovery Theme or think about potential connections with the discovery modules in related Themes. We know that interests change over time. If you have the opportunity to choose discovery modules for your second or third years, think about whether you want to progress further in a particular Discovery Theme leeds university business school past papers take your interests in a different direction and explore a new Theme.

Whatever stage of your degree you are at, think about where your interests lie, what your career plans are and what type of learning suits you best. Before making your final choice, check whether you meet any academic prerequisite s and whether the modules fit your timetable. Some modules are in high demand and have limited spaces so it's worth having a few different options. Creating Sustainable Futures Discover the environmental, social and economic issues facing society, such as climate change and poverty.

This Theme is the winner of the UK Green Gown Awards Search Theme Enterprise and Innovation Learn how new opportunities are acted upon and how solutions to problems are generated and implemented, while developing your own ideas, knowledge and skills to create an impact.