Different ways to write calendar dates


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Dicferent tend to think of a year in months. No matter which side of the pond you live on, you wouldn't use the same style for an elegant wedding invitation that you would use on a report for work or school. Gregorian, month-day-year MDY [ edit ] This sequence is used primarily in the PhilippinesEnglish Canada and the United States. For different ways to write calendar dates, if it is the 14th of November in the yearthe date would be written 14 November Catholic Calendar How you write the calendar date depends on a few things, such as whether you are using British or American English.

Since New Year's gets people thinking about the date, I'll answer a few date-related questions. Pronouncing Numbers Here's a question from a long time ago from a wriet named Michael to get calejdar started. It will seem as if he's getting a little off track, but it will all make sense in a minute.

  • Commas should also be used to separate the day and year, and again the name of the day should come at the beginning.
  • Sunday, November the 9th, and even November the 9th, Sunday, are also possible and readily understood.
  • Abbreviating the Date The order stays the same when abbreviating the date.

That's the general rule; it's quite common to hear people use the and in America, although from the number of e-mail messages I get complaining about it, I'd say a lot of Americans have been taught that it's wrong. So back to Michael's question, I believe the reason you see the year written as two thousand AND eight in wedding invitations is the same reason you see the other British spellings on invitations—Americans tend to think British English sounds more formal, and they want their invitations to sound special.

Think -- smaller, bigger and bigger. In the later examples, the and of are optional, but if you do use them you must add both the and of; it would be incorrect to say only 13th of April or the 13th April. The date should therefore be written: These are some of the challenges of differemt the date. The grand opening is on 1st June.

Some people might consider it an affectation, but it's hard to fault people for doing something unusual when they're already walking around carrying flowers and dressing up in a suit or gown that's nothing like they'd wear in real life. There isn't much about weddings that is normal. Ordinal Numbers Versus Cardinal Numbers There are two kinds of numbers you can use to talk about a specific day: Cardinal numbers represent amounts like one, two, and three.

Ordinal numbers represent a place calenddar a series like first, second, and third. I think of cardinal numbers as the numbers you see on playing cards.

Different ways to write calendar dates

When you're writing out a date like January 1, in the American stylethe day is written as a cardinal number. So you should never write January 1st, The instance in which it is OK to use an ordinal number is when you are writing the 1st of January, because you are placing the day in a series:

Different ways to write calendar dates


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