Write a review and get a discount


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There are even some freebies. Here's how it works: Snagshout approves new users after they link their Amazon accounts to the site.

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After approval, they can browse and select from a list reivew deals that can be redeemed on Amazon AMZNTech30 using a promo code during checkout. In order to continue using Snagshout, customers are required to post a review of each purchase after they receive and test it. Snagshout is notified when reviews are published. It's also a little like Groupon and other limited quantity deals sites, he added.

Step 3 Join Amazon ans sites to get coupon codes for the free products to review. BuView - Sign up and they will contact you via email when new review projects are available. Other restrictions may apply. Etekcity - Apply and they will contact you via email if you are accepted to the Citizen Program from Etekcity then you get to pick which product you want to review.

Businesses that work with Snagshout set a limit on the number of times a deal can be used, and shoppers can only redeem one a time. While Snagshout is capitalizing on something many of us do -- buy and review stuff -- there have been concerns about incentive-based review sites and limited quantity offers.

Studies have shown that people tend to be influenced by a number of factors when rating businesses online, including pre-existing reviews and even the weather. Giving discounts or freebies can also build bias, which is why disclosures are crucial.

Write a review and get a discount

In February, the Qrite reached a rdview with a car shipment broker over the firm's policy of providing customers with discounts in exchange for reviews. The agency argued that the company "deceptively represented that its favorable reviews were based on the unbiased reviews of customers. Limited-time deal sites have also been in the spotlight for poor quality products and special offers from small businesses that don't seem to exist.

There are nearly buyer-beware tales about Groupon and Living Social on the Consumer Affairs website, a private company that charges a fee to help resolve consumer complaints. CNNMoney investigated some of the items on Snagshout and found that the vast majority are already highly rated on Amazon, and reviewed by hundreds of people. Currently, there are businesses that sell through Snagshout, and 30, shoppers have an account on the site, according to Johnson. Only a few users have complained continue reading certain products, he said.

Write a review and get a discount

See more as the site write a review and get a discount, it may become harder to manage more issues. Eventually, the company wants to revieq out to other online shopping sites, and incorporate social media platforms like Twitter TWTRTech30 and Facebook FBTech A tweet or post about a product could count as a review and earn people the chance to save money. Johnson said he's still figuring it all out.

  • How about a video of your customer talking about how your products or services have helped them?
  • AmzRC Amazon Review Club - Sign up for free then log in and click on Deals to view available products.
  • After you receive your item be sure to leave your review so you'll be eligible for more offers!

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