Write a review for a hotel

You can inform them about this by clicking the selection bar to select the recent month when you traveled. We may not yet list this restaurant. We will look into it and e-mail you once we can accept your review. Then hotek can get to the information about your actual trip and the quality of things, such as the value for money and what you thought of the service. Check out these tips.

Knowing how to write hotel reviews will help you give an unbiased consumer opinion that may help others make well-informed travel decisions in regards to their lodging accommodations. Steps Choose a review site such as TripAdvisor, TravBuddy or TravelPost. Share if your trip was business or pleasure and whether or not you took your family.

Write a review for a hotel

You might also add your frequency of travel because that lends to your credibility as a resource for information. This might be particularly helpful as readers are selecting which reviews to continue reading. Give advice to the travelers such as providing details that you wish you would have known before you went on the trip.

Write a review for a hotel

Give information about the property that can't be found on the website. Tell if there are a restaurant or two right next door, so meals were relatively inexpensive, or share that it was in a secluded location and you could only eat at the expensive hotel restaurant. The old adage is true that a picture can be worth a thousand words, especially if it shows unsavory conditions that no hotel guest should be subject to.

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  • They even gave us a discount for renting from them.
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List major attractions that it was by, be honest about how far it really was from the beach, or tell if you had to pay an arm and a leg in cab fare to get to the just click for source from the airport. Tell if the pool was really as big as it appeared in the photographs, write about if the bed was comfortable or if you felt like you were sleeping on thin mattresses, or mention the quality of the television set and the cable options available.

Can't find what you're looking for? Or they'll check you out forcefully. Taxes, fees not included for deals content. You might also add your frequency of travel because that lends to your credibility as a resource for information.

Write about how courteous or rude the staff was, whether the staff was timely in handling requests, and definitely comment about how clean the maids got the room. A small error such as forgetting to bring new shampoo and conditioner can be forgivable if your overall experience was wonderful.

  • We rented a car one day to go down the coast and the staff was great at helping us rent from their property.
  • Go to permalink If you're staying in a miserable hotel, you're entitled to post a bad review of it.
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Write to the overall stay, and don't get hung up on minor, irrelevant details.


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