Write a review of a business


A step by step guide to share with your clients If you are a small business, visibility in the Google maps listings is crucial.

Write a review of a business

If you are not already, get into the habit of asking your clients to leave reviews for you. Google wants these to be authentic reviews by real people.

The URL you are looking for will look something like this: You can also click on the pencil icon located on the right side of the business name. See the red arrows in the image above.

This takes you to the sign in page. Fill in all the information requested because these are required except for the mobile phone — you can leave that blank.

Write a review of a business

Choose your desired username and password. Complete the word verification and check the Agree to Google Terms of Services box.

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Write a review of a business Google will require a phone verification. Skip to the next step if you did not get this notification.

The line at the lunch counter was about five people deep when I walked up and another five people were waiting to pay at the register, and there was only one person working in each spot. Qualify your statements with that—no one needs to hear "and I've heard lots of other people have the same problem. Just fill in the blanks with information relevant to your experience. I pointed out that their dispatch told me that their services would be less than this, and showed her the email estimate I received. If you're shopping or a drive, I have no compaints about the Roadrunner SuperFast, it's been performing well for me over the past week. And as my elementary school principal use to say: Or maybe a hotel upgraded you to a suite because you approached them with kindness. As with any skill, understanding the fundamentals is key.

If you were redirected to this page, you need to give your cellphone number and Google will send you either check this out text message or a phone call with the PIN code depending on which option you chose. You may upload a photo if you click like.

You are now ready to write your review. Choose the quality of service from Poor to Excellent.


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