Write a review of your favorite film


Tweet All movie critics writw asked two inevitable questions: The real answer is between four and ten, but they don't really care. They poll the world's directors, critics, festival heads, archivists and others. Ever sincethe top film has been "Kane. It consolidated the film language up until and broke new ground in such areas as please click for source focus, complex sound, and narrative click at this page. The other reason is that it demonstrated the auteur theory 25 years before it was being defined of course that theory was already being demonstrated in silent days.

It was "a film by Orson Welles. A movie studio, Welles said, is the best toy train set a boy could ever hope for. If Welles became the poster boy for auteurs, his roller-coaster experiences later in his career demonstrated the hazards of such a position. From the time his second film, "The Magnificent Ambersons," had its ending destroyed by the studio, he became the favorite martyr of film critics.

Look what he did when he had vilm freedom! Look what you did by mistreating him!

Write a review of your favorite film

Even his great " Touch favorige Evil " had its magnificent uninterrupted opening shot now restored hacked to pieces and re-scored. He sometimes said " The Trial " was his first film since "Kane" over which he had arite control.

Write a review of your favorite film

He segued into poster boy against all the forces against personal, independent, ground-breaking films. But people don't always ask about the greatest film.

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They ask, "What's your favorite movie? Let us agree that all lists of movies are nonsense. Despite the entreaties of countless editors, authors and websites, I decline to make lists of the best comedies, horror films, Christmas films, family films, Westerns, musicals, political films, silent films, films about dogs, and so on. That way madness lies. I take delight in Jonathan Rosenbaum's reply to the question: I get squirmy when people try to pin me down. The only truly honest answer is: But I'll ask myself: What is my favorite film?

  • Having a thesis will take your review beyond the plot summary stage and into the realm of film criticism, which is rightfully its own art form.
  • Give a brief summary of the plot in which you identify the main characters, describe the setting, and give a sense of the central conflict or point of the movie.
  • Use the pause button frequently so you make sure not to miss anything, and rewind as necessary.

Or I'll skew the question slightly: What film would I most like to see again right now? The answer would not be "Kane. I admire it enormously, but saints preserve me, it is not the movie I would most like to see again right now. Right now, this moment, the answer that would spring most quickly to mind is Fellini's faforite La Dolce Vita " I've seen it, oh, at least 25 times, maybe more.

It x get old for me. Age has not withered, not custom staled, its infinite variety. I've grown so worked up just writing this paragraph that I want to slide in the DVD and start watching immediately. People asked me a few years ago why I included the movie in my annual Ebertfest, since it was, they said, hardly "overlooked," and the festival showcases films that deserve more attention.

How to Write a Movie Review

Clean up typos, grammatical errors, and other spelling errors as well. Once you've finished the first draft, read it through and decide whether it flows well and has the right structure. ByMarcello seemed younger still, and while I had once admired and then criticized him, now I pitied and loved him. Did they use long cuts to help accentuate an actor's acting ability or many reaction shots to show a group's reaction to an event or dialogue? Does the film reflect on a current event or contemporary issue?

I said it was unlikely that more than a youf dozen in the 1,seat theater would ever have seen it in a pristine 35mm print wrtie a truly big write a review of your favorite film. In gloomier moments, I wondered how many in the audience would never have seen it at all. What better definition of an overlooked film is there, than one want to drag everybody else to? But my purpose is not to tell you why " La Dolce Vita " is wonderful. It's in the Great Movies Collection.

A soundtrack can make or break a movie, especially if the songs have a particular message or meaning to them. Your thesis should be discussed in the first paragraph of your review. I love clever insights, and I love writerly polish. Evaluate the script, including dialogue and characterization.

To that re-review, I might add that it is one of the most visually fluid movies ever made, a movie that yoour music in its rushing passion, not simply because Nino Rota's score is one of the best ever recorded, but because the characters seem to move with music within them joyful, lustful, exciting, doubtful, sad.

Fellini worked in Italy at a time of dubbed dialogue, and he sometimes played music loudly as he filmed a scene.

That's why the characters often seem to be moving to unheard rhythms. Advertisement Yes, there are objective reasons why the movie is a great one. But why is it the one I most want to see right now? The answer to that sort of question is almost always partly autobiographical. For me, it has become a mirror held up to my life, and a bellwether of things to come. I first saw it in London inand in I went through it a shot at a time at the Conference on World Affairs in Boulder. Then again in aboutand Each time I said something like thus quoting from my GM review, with a few corrections: Movies do not change, but their viewers do.

When I saw " La Dolce Vita " inI was an adolescent for whom "the sweet life" represented everything I dreamed of: Exotic European glamour, sin, the weary favotite of the cynical newspaperman.

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When I saw it again, aroundI was living in a version of Marcello's world. Chicago's North Avenue was not the Via Veneto, but at 3 a. When I saw the movie aroundMarcello was the same age, but I was 10 years older, had stopped drinking, and saw him not as a role model but as a victim, condemned to an endless search for happiness that could never be found, not that way.

ByMarcello seemed younger still, and while I had once admired and then criticized him, now I pitied and loved him. And when I saw the movie right after Mastroianni died, I thought that Fellini and Marcello had taken a moment of discovery and made it immortal. There may be no such thing as the sweet life. But it is necessary to find that out for yourself. Of course I saw the movie many other times. Now it strikes me, among other things, as profoundly spiritual, and not simply because it opens and closes with classic Christ symbols.

Opinion has come around on that. When I first saw it, " La Dolce Vita " was on the Condemned list of the Catholic Church. I knew views were changing when I was asked to introduce and discuss it before a convention of film educators who were all nuns. Then during the reign of Pope John Paul II, it appeared on the Vatican's list of great films with spiritual meaning. Advertisement The first time I saw it, I confess I had lust in my heart. Anita Ekberg electrified me, and I was inflamed by the wild party at the end. In later years, I began to focus more on Marcello, as I should have from the beginning.

The union of Mastroianni, story and direction is one of the most perfect trinities in film history. I saw the impatient hunger and ambition of youth. The life and death of Steiner providing, for Marcello, an idealistic inspiration and a crushing disillusionment. The role of his father, providing a template for what Marcello had become, and a warning of how he could end. Marcello's relationships with women, those of a man who objectified them, and was absorbed in himself.

The Write a review of your favorite film of the fake miracle, counterbalanced by the real young girl in the final shots, who still cared about Marcello and wondered if he had continued with his book. The Christ symbol at the beginning, an air-lifted statue, which was faborite but unreal. The symbol at the end, a fish, which was "ugly" but real. The sweet life along the Via Veneto, which was all-absorbing at the time, but now is long, long ago, as are most of the people who lived it. Because the movie has meant different qrite to me at different stages in my life, but has always meant something, and because it clearly did for Fellini too, I think I will always yoir to see it again.

It won't grow stale, because I haven't finished changing.


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