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It rivals in quality my favorite steak house in this country Brooklyn's Peter Luger but has a more upscale, decidedly genteel, atmosphere, reminiscent of a private club. Everything Bin Fifty-Four offers says "quality," from the heavy wooden front door, the understated name inscribed subtly on the door, the finely carved wood tables, the beautifully unique but sensible wine glasses, and the fine service. The steaks are just amazing.

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As an appetizer, the Kobe beef tartar topped with a quail egg is perfection. As main courses, the dry-aged Kansas strip is one of the most delicious pieces of beef I've ever tasted. The T-bone steak for two is heavenly.

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The filet mignons are as good as they get. One gets a choice of three specially-prepared steak sauces in separate dishes, all delicious but wholly unnecessary. The side orders, such as chanterelle mushrooms or roasted root vegetables, are also excellent. And the wine list is exceptional, especially for such a new restaurant. Just when you think you can't eat any more, Bin Fifty-Four offers a range of special desserts, including a unique twist on southern banana pudding-topped with caramelized meringue-that would make a French pastry chef swoon.

This is the "real deal. Bin Fifty-Four is located in the Glen Lennox shopping area on Highway 54 Raleigh Road in Chapel Hill, where the Grill at Glen Lennox used to be. The phone is Steven Schwarcz Carolina Crossroads Restaurant in Carolina Inn Reviewed on June 5, [Originally reviewed Dec 4,I ate at this restaurant again on June 5, and it was every bit as good.

It's visit web page good place for holidays, special occasions, etc. If you do go, you might want to ask Todd or Alal, who manage the front of the restaurant, to have Chef Stapleton or Dumke let you know what dishes they recommend for write evening. You won't be disappointed. Steven Schwarcz CholaNad Restaurant Reviewed on December 16, This is a new less than three-week old South Indian restaurant located at West Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, in the lovely space previously occupied by Cypress-on-the-Hill.

I ate there last evening with friends, and the food was truly excellent: Chef Subash has years of prior experience cooking at restaurants in the two leading hotel chains in India Oberai and Tajand it really shows. All in all, CholaNad is a really high class experience—yet the prices are moderate.

The phone is CHOLANAD They also have a website: Steven Schwarcz Dos Perros Reviewed on March 10, Charlie Deal, who runs the excellent Jujube Restaurant in Chapel Hill, has broadened his ethnic appeal with Dos Perros, an upscale, fun, and festive though moderately priced Mexican restaurant. The address is N. Mangum Street, and the phone is The prices are reasonable, especially given the high quality.

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The website, which includes directions, is http: Steven Schwarcz Il Palio Reviewed on October 7, See more Palio's relatively new chef, David Rose, is highly talented, but it's still not the authentic Italian that it sometimes purports to be. It appears, however, that Chef Brugalossi was unable to sell his restaurant in Italy and, at least as things now stand, will not be coming here. Meanwhile, Chef Villella has left.

An Italian, Chef Villella is intent on making the menu items more authentic but, at the same time, more innovative. Ruth Reichl of the New York Times, for example, has described his cooking as joining "excellent ingredients and unusual combinations This is a quite special restaurant, most definitely worth trying-again and again! The physical space is attractive and highly sophisticated, with deep reddish and greenish hues punctuated by photographs of Asian street scenes. There are essentially three rooms: The food is excellent, starting with a fascinating array of small or large appetizers the dumplings are especially good that can be shared or just eaten in lieu of a main course.

However, main courses, such as the ginger roasted chicken with jujube and shallot compote or the sliced steak, are equally delicious and well prepared. Desserts, too, are very nicely done. JujuBe also has fine wine and high quality saki selections. I have been to JujuBe with friends three times, and everyone has always been pleased if not delighted.

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Steven Schwarcz Lantern Restaurant Reviewed on February 14, In the space on Chapel Hill's Franklin Street formerly occupied by Darbar, there's a new pan-Asian restaurant that's well worth trying. Lantern is a very chic and sophisticated place that would not be out-of-place on Manhattan's upper east side. That by itself has negatives as well as positives, the negatives being a high noise level and a bit of an "attitude.

Although the menu is small, the choices are outstanding and varied. Equally important, where the dish purports to be authentic, like the Vietnamese pho, the flavors are quite true to the homeland cuisine.

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Everything we had on several occasions, with one exception, was quite good. I especially recommend the black mushroom and cabbage dumplings, and the steamed grouper with black beans, seared ginger, and scallions. The only exception was, the one time we ordered dessert, the coconut rice pudding. Perhaps other desserts are better.

Write a review of your favorite restaurant

Lantern is located at W. The restaurant does not take reservations for parties fewer than five and can fill up quickly, so it's best to go early or late. This is light, fresh, tasty, and at least as to some dishes reasonably authentic Vietnamese food that is definitely worth trying. There also are a wide variety of vegetarian dishes though anyone ordering a vegetarian dish, who isn't strictly vegetarian, should ask for the traditional Vietnamese fish sauce instead of soy-based sauce. The service is not yet perfected, but Gracie who works the desk is delightful and eager to be accommodating.

My only real complaint about this restaurant is that it doesn't generally take reservations, so it's hard to plan to go there from any distance. Steven Schwarcz Los Potrillos Reviewed on December 28, In Los Potrillos, we finally have discovered truly excellent Mexican food in this area. Located in an old house at W.

Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill the same house in which, until last year, Spartacus Restaurant had a Chapel Hill outpostLos Potrillos Mexican Restaurant makes everything from scratch with care and finesse. We have been there twice, with friends, and sampled a wide array of traditional dishes. We even ordered some dishes without cheese to see what "healthy" Mexican would be like-and it was so good that we didn't even miss the cheese!

I recently had occasion to have several meals in Los Angeles at the famed El Cholo Restaurant, and-in my admittedly limited judgment-found the food quality of Los Potrillos to be every bit as good, and in several dishes more refined. The phone number for Los Potrillos is It's open every day until 10pm.

Write a review of your favorite restaurant

Steven Schwarcz One Restaurant Reviewed November 4, With the arrival of chefs Kim Floresca and Daniel Ryan, Restaurant "One" see http: Just 15 minutes from Duke, One offers an innovative and changing menu that compares in both imagination and quality with many Michelin two-plus starred restaurants. Professor Reichman, whose culinary standards are among the highest I've known, describes One as the "best restaurant within miles.

Floresca and Ryan trained in many of the world's best places, including the French Laundry and elBulli, and we are fortunate that they are now bringing their magic to the Triangle. Steven Schwarcz Source Lotus Restaurant Reviewed on August 28, RED LOTUS Restaurant is a much lower key but still somewhat sophisticated analog to An Restaurant in Cary. The menu presents over a dozen Asian-inspired styles of preparing the food, each style being applicable to a variety of meats and soy-bean based protein sources.

I recently had occasion to have several meals in Los Angeles at the famed El Cholo Restaurant, and-in my admittedly limited judgment-found the food quality of Los Potrillos to be every bit as good, and in several dishes more refined. Where it is, what it looks like, the kinds of food it serves and why it is so special to me. This is an expensive French restaurant and we cannot speak highly enough of the professional and warm service. The variety of dishes this restaurant offers is another great thing about it. Service Share valuable information with the readers regarding the time it took the food to reach your table and how were see more treated by the staff. This is a quite special restaurant, most definitely worth trying-again and again! The restaurant employs six stewards to deal with deliveries and storage alone; they weigh goods and check them against invoices, putting everything in its proper place, keeping the Health Department happy.

Red Lotus also offers a healthy and tasty brown rice option. For those on diets or having dietary restrictions, this is the perfect spot, and it's also reasonably priced. Located in the S. Elliot Road-space vacated by Charlie's Chinese when Charlie retired in Chapel Hill tel. Steven Schwarcz Write a review of your favorite restaurant Reviewed on July 26, VESPA: I can't seem to retrieve my review of this, but a reasonably accurate review is listed at http: My only caveat is that the restaurant has gone through phases: Last I ate there it was on the rise.


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