Bank of england write off government debt


Tweet With the financial markets in turmoil and the global economy now sliding rapidly back into severe recession, it can only be a matter of time before the Fed launches the next round of Quantitative Easing, QE 4.

  • It also has very important policy implications.
  • The use of QE as an anti-deflation strategy would be hailed as a great success even if low positive inflation is the net outcome.
  • At the moment every time a government bond owned by the Bank is repaid they go out and buy another bond to replace it.

That is good news because, as you will see below, the more government bonds the central banks buy, the more government debt they effectively cancel. It is crucial that this point is understood, especially now that the calls for GQE Green Quantitative Easing and Quantitative Easing For The People are growing louder The underlying logic When a central bank creates money and buys a government bond, it is the same thing as cancelling that bond — so long as the central bank does not sell the bond and so long as it rolls it over when the bond matures.

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That means the United States, the UK and Japan have far less government debt than is generally understood. The same will soon be true for the eurozone governments.

Bank of england write off government debt

This has important policy implications that the world cannot afford to ignore. Treasury Department pays interest on that debt to the Fed. Then, at the end of every year, the Fed turns around and gives its profits to the Treasury, including the profits from the interest income earned on its government debt holdings.

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Last year, the U. In other words, on the bonds held by the Fed, the U. Bonds that do not pay interest have been effectively cancelled.

  • By doing so the central bank increases the amount of money in circulation.
  • Is this a free lunch where nobody has to pay?
  • They should take advantage of this once-in-history opportunity to borrow more in order to invest in new industries and technologies, to restructure their economies and to retrain and educate their workforce at the post-graduate level.

The more government debt acquired and effectively cancelled by the central bank, the less likelihood of a fiscal crisis. Fiat money creation on a large scale was supposed to cause very high rates of inflation, or even hyperinflation.

Fiat money and globalization Under the Bretton Woods system, when trade between nations had to balance, aggressive fiat money creation would have over-stimulated the U. Under the dollar standard, trade no longer has to balance, so all domestic bottlenecks can be circumvented by buying from abroad. That means we will not hit capacity constraints in labor, leading to wage inflation, for decades.

And that, as the history of the past six years demonstrates, means that the central banks of the developed economies can create money and finance massive government budget deficits without causing inflation.

Its balance sheet showed it acquired assets the gilts and the same value of liabilities maybe called reserves. I suppose the very thought of the possibility of that occurring could unnerve investors — imagine if the idea caught on in the US and Eurozone where the potential for moral hazard is enormous because the real problem is one of competitiveness not source just bailing out banks and restarting the economy. Several years later it appears that this fall in output was permanent — the fall in UK GDP remains more severe than that experienced during the Great Depression. So now what might we expect the negatives to be? It should be ready to abort the programme of debt reduction if money tightens too much. It makes a significant contribution to total UK debt.

This combination of fiat money and globalization under the dollar standard creates a once-in-history opportunity. The government debt owned by the central banks should be held permanently and perpetually rolled over, effectively cancelling it.

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More productive investments It would then be clear that governments really have much less debt than is generally understood. The governments of the developed nations could then borrow more and invest that money in productivity-enhancing manners.

Bank of england write off government debt

This includes investments into new industries and technologies to restructure their economies and to retrain and educate their workforce at the post-graduate level. It would be a way to ensure that the standard of living in the developed world continues to improve, rather than sink to third world levels. Furthermore, large investments in green technologies could be financed with GQE, Green Quantitative Easing, perhaps preventing an environmental catastrophe. Heretical as it may appear at first impression, Quantitative Easing has already effectively cancelled trillions of dollars of government debt without causing inflation.

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At the very least, this fact completely undermines the case in favor of further growth-retarding fiscal austerity. If this opportunity were fully exploited, investments could be financed that would not only restore global growth, but that would also improve the well-being of everyone on this planet. For all the details on how QE cancels government debt, watch this free Macro Watch video. More on this topic.


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