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Get a free car valuation Are Cat C cars less safe than normal cars? For example, if you were to have a relatively small accident in a used executive saloon that featured parking and radar guided cruise control sensors in its bumpers, the cost of these parts along with a replacement hire car might outweigh the price of the second-hand vehicle itself — even though no structural damage has been caused.

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This is why surprisingly lightly damaged cars can get written off under the Category C rules. Companies such as the RAC can help here.

How do I spot a Cat C insurance write-off? A professional motor trader does have to outline if a vehicle has been written off.

Why are Cat C insurance write-offs generally cheaper? Often, a Cat C car will be on sale for less than the market value.

Using a trusted independent garage, second-hand parts and even a spot of DIY can make Cat C and D vehicles a cheap way to get behind the wheel of a decent car. They are then free to dispose of the bike as they wish and their primary aim at this point is to recover their losses. Read our guide to Cat C and D cars for all you need to know. But sometimes you can make an offer to your insurer to buy your bike back from them. A big difference between Cat C and Cat D write-off is that Cat C bikes must have a Form V23 submitted by the insurer, self-insurer or agent to the DVLA.

Beware that if you do buy a Cat C car, when you come to sell it the vehicle might not be worth as much as you think. Looking to purchase a new car?

  • Others are more doubtful still.
  • Vandalism is another possible cause of a Cat D write-off.
  • Cat C and Cat D cars will never be worth as much as their undamaged counterparts thanks to the permanent record of the write-off — regardless of their condition after the repair.


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